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CHEMICAL PUMP (High Temperature)

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[CAS Semiconductor Co., Ltd.]

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     * It is a device which delivers fluid through a pipe using pressure or fluid from a low-pressure container to a high-pressure container through a pipe. 

     * Pumps are used broadly in transporting not only water but drugs or special fluids. In describing the basic functions of a pump, the pumps head indicates the height to which the pump can raise fluids and the pumps flow indicates the volume pumped per unit time. Therefore, there are many types of pumps depending on the head, flow and type of fluid handled by the pump.

     * It is a pump that has a spiral passage outside the rotating impeller and is used mostly in the semiconductor industry. The water that flows into the center passes the impeller which increases its pressure and is delivered to the outer rim and then passes the spiral passage and reaches the pumps exit. Turbine pumps in which water that has passed through the impeller goes out through the casing after passing between the guides in the most commonly used type in the industry.




     * With a seal-less structure that has no need of sealing such as grand packing or mechanical seals, it is free from leakage. 

     * The structure is very simple, easy to assemble and disassemble.

     * The small exterior size makes it convenient to use in small spaces. 

     * Easy material selection for fluid.

     * Since there are no seals to be replaced, maintenance cost is saved.




1. Model : CAS-P-Series

2. Over range : 150% fo Full scale

3. Operating Temperature : -40oC ~ 150oC

                                   Option : 100oC ~ 250oC

4. Humidity : 0 to 95% RH

5. Power : 220V / 380V ±10%

6. Frequency : 50 / 60 Hz 

7. Material : Body - Stainless Steel (SUS 316L) 

8. Moter : (HP-1, 1.5, 2, 3) 

9. Bagic Motor Speed 3400~3500 RPM